Welcome to the shop, or store. We really dont "Build" anything in house so webcart is more like it. Our T-Shirts are no exception. Mass produced, online fulfillment direct to consumer with a slight fark-up. They also allow us to copy+paste our designs so it is a good fit like our business. Like the t-shirt below? Its 25.00 for Customers. The back of the t-shirt will have random images from our events and is guaranteed to impress your two-faced friends at any event.

Email our customer service team 24x7 Darren@TheModMafia.com



Got a great idea or simply saw something cool someone makes?

If you have a great idea for a new part please email us or send us pics and measuremnts from a cool part you have purchased somewhere else. Our expert engineers will easily cut out a cool "H" or add an extra bolt to quickly make it our own. You will get to be part of the process and if we ever sell your part you will get a t-shirt and maybe win a chance to drive us around on your next trip ( you will need to get us a hotel and pay for gas and food on your own )



Our expert welders are located throughout the US. Let us help find one for you and we will arrange for them to help install some of our products. Everyone thinks they know how to weld, check out these classic stick beads from our custon battery welding kit. We had the above image x-rayed and the results were impressive. The scientitst said our welds were inconclusive. If you want some of this email us asap.


We have just hired a structural engineer who virtually graduated from Phonenix online edu last week. The stuff he has been doing in the toyota and honda community is so sick. We are proud to have him on our team to help us design new wheel flares, dashboards and even aerodynamic wings for your H1. We carefully build each mold out of wood fiber paper board sheets (cardboard) and then apply bondo and fibergalss. No 2 sets are the same and you do not have to worry about fasteners as we use bluehummer halfshaft bolts for everything.


Here is a pic from a customers remote oil reservoir kit we installed. Tractor supply employees told us they dont sell a 1.5" metric to 1" standard garden hose adapter. Our solution? Fark Biles simply closed the gap with his portable welder. If you look closely you can see some of the vapor escaping out of tiny little holes in the weld. A hard feat to master or copy. Most welders would tell you this is garbage, well they are just embarrassed because they would never do this kind of work.


We made a cool hacked version of this product. If you want the original please click the above image and buy the bolt on version. If you want to cut your frame and hack weld in some metal to be .2% closer to ok, then follow us to our product page at www.ModMafia.com

Do you like this brush guard? We did too so we copied it, I mean "re-enginnered" the tolerances, so its better :) Buy the original by clicking the image above, or pay more for a crappy copy on our website at www.ModMafia.com

Wow we cant get enough of these www.FIMSMFG.com aluminum bezels. Lucky for us we found another machine shop that would copy these designs as best they could. If you dont mind paying a bit more for a poorly made copy go to www.ModMafia.com

Want to see some cool footage of us eating McDonalds? How about breaking parts on the trail because we push our trucks to the max by riding inside? Look no further, www.HUMVEELIFE.com is on its way !!!